BLAQSTARR “Oh My Darlin'”

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If you’re not aware of Blaqstarr, well…GET FAMILIAR!! Fellow native of Baltimore, MD, Blaqstarr is the complete triple threat (rapper/singer/producer). When the opportunity came to work with him, I jumped at it. One, because he’s from BMORE, two, because he is a lover of art, and three, well…dude is ILL!! Known best for his work with M.I.A., Mos Def, and Rye Rye, Blaqstarr is definitely winning! And with that said, here’s the video: AYE YERP!!!



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I guess one way to put this is, artist on artist! Erin Fitzpatrick aka FITZBOMB is one of my closest friends and an amazing artist, whose portraits have taken over the DMV(DC, MD, VA). Here’s one that she did of me last year, which I’ll have to say, is my favorite;)

Here’s a little about FITZBOMB:

I’m currently working on a series of portraits of people who live in Baltimore and beyond. People-watching is a pastime in which every seeing human being has participated. We are drawn to look at others because they are attractive, or grossly unattractive. They have unusual style, features, or an air that we are envious of. We look at people to see what we would like to look like and what we are glad we do not. We look at people to see if we recognize them or can put them into context. My portraits give the observer this experience. The pieces are realistic and near life-size. The subjects of my pieces are well known individuals. Even if you don’t know them personally, one of them may have served you a drink or been in a band that you’ve seen. Don’t be shy. Get up close and take a look. To contact me or one of the other contributors please email:

A small taste…

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After an amazing shoot, I have now entered the editing phase for Blaqstarr’s “OH MY DARLING”! Here’s a small taste of what’s to come.

NINE:FIFTEEN “Beautiful Too”

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The first of the trilogy between NINE:FIFTEEN and Hilton Carter, the idea for Beautiful Too started out with “The Character”, alone in a room with a bottle of Jack and a dead bouquet of roses, but then quickly transformed into a heartbroken hoarder who has hit bottom. Missing his lost love, he becomes confined to his home with only his fond memories and large piles of clothes and trash that take on a life of their own.

The video stars Bisquite of NINE:FIFTEEN as “The Character’ and Andrea Choe, of the group CASXIO, as the lost love. Andrea also played the roll of art director, puppet designer, and puppeteer.

In my thoughts…

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Inspiration for the next project comes in the form of red.


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I was fortunate enough to take a cruise last year and one of the places we docked was on the coast of Haiti. It was my absolute favorite place in the islands. The people, the food and the beaches were just a small part of what made this place so wonderful. Tuesday, an earthquake struck Haiti. The toll of damage and loss of life has yet to be finalized. To hear of beautiful Haiti in this disaster stricken state is just heartbreaking and I feel compelled to spread the word and help in whatever way I can.

The one thing that stuck out was my time and craft. So I’ve decided to auction off an original music video to musicians throughout the country, in any genre. The highest bidder would not only get a free music video, but a chance to raise awareness and support for a nation in need. All the musicians have to do is donate the proceeds it would usually take to make a music video, to help those in Haiti. But first things first, if you’re interested in this or know of someone who might be, please email me at and let me know how much you’re willing to bid. I’ll be posting the groups/musicians names and the amounts they’re bidding on the blog for the next two weeks and at the end of the day, Wednesday, January 27th, we will take the highest bidder and make a video for them. So with that said, let the bidding begin…The first bid will start at $50.

Thank you for time and pray for those in Haiti.

God bless

Hilton of FK

ps. if you’d like to help out in any fashion on the shoot, please email me as well.

Moth Stills

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He are some frames from the short film moth, directed by Hilton Carter and Exec Produced by Penn Badgley. The film is currently being submitted to film festivals around the globe and hopefully will make it into one near you.